The Pocket Trainer

The Ultimate Exercise Card Game

The ultimate exercise card game, suitable for just about anyone. Whether you’re training alone or with a group of friends, the Pocket Trainer is a convenient, non-complicated, side-kick fitness trainer card game right in your pocket!

About The Pocket Trainer

Developed by The Cincinnati Trainer, Zachary Thomas, The Pocket Trainer is an exercise based card game designed to help make exercising alone or in groups more fun and engaging. Exercising can improve cognitive function, protect against chronic disease, aid in weight management, and much more. The Pocket Trainer gives you a quick, convenient, and fun way to exercise and see all of these great health benefits!

To play, place one card from each suit face-up. Shuffle the deck and place it face-down. Then perform the exercises on each face-up card, then draw a card from the deck, place it on it’s matching suit, and complete the exercise. You can also play your favorite card game with an exercise twist! The exercise ideas are unlimited!

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