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Zachary Thomas Boxing Trainer working with client

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Zachary Thomas training boxing client

The Cincinnati Trainer, Zachary Thomas, has been a member of the boxing community for over 32 years. Winner of the regional Golden Gloves in 1999 and 2000’s champion of the Meanest Man and World Tough Man competitions, Zach has over 70 matches under his belt. 

After training under the likes of Ricardo Williams Sr. and Mike Stafford — trainer of four-time world champ Adrien Broner — Zach made a name for himself in the ring. Today, he specializes as Cincinnati’s number one mobile fitness and boxing instructor.

OuR Classes

Zach builds his workout programs off of boxercise — a safe, fun, effective and accessible form of fitness designed to help you lose weight and gain confidence. Inspired by combining the cardio-focused aspects of crossfit with the coordination and strength training of boxing workouts, Zach has made it easy to get the boxing workout of the pros without taking any of the blows.

Photo of Zachary Thomas and a boxing client of his


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